Zana Bayne ROAD-TRIP Capsule Collection

In her latest capsule collection, NYC designer Zana Bayne channels Grindhouse with a selection of  leather fashion and accessories equipped for an ass-kicking, on-or-off road adventure. Featuring bold styles like a spur-shaped choker, latticework cage tops, and grommeted bootstraps, Bayne’s designs do not just elevate the typical femme fatale, they obliterate her.


Bayne founded her brand in 2010, taking a high-end stance on S&M/Punk-inspired accessorizing. The full range of RTW and accessories employs striking graphic lines and industrial hardware to create designer quality pieces that are both aesthetically appealing and dominatrix enabled.


The ROAD TRIP capsule Lookbook, shot by Creative Director Todd Pendu, depicts a bondage-clad daredevil, fully equipped, leather backpack in tow, and on the verge of an escape. She’s a Deadpool-esque antihero for Ricardo Tisci lovers. Both racy and refined, there is something for everyone. Everyone with audacity, that is.

Shop the full Road Trip collection here.

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