Saint Heron: Solange Knowles’ Cultural Utopia


Solange Knowles is a woman of magic. From her always impeccable street style and aspirational Instagram feed to her brainchild Saint Heron, a cultural melting pot of innovative movers and shakers, Solange has effortlessly maintained an aesthetic of sensuality, soul and class. Having launched Saint Heron’s e-commerce platform at SXSW last Friday, Knowles has officially created a world for the rest of us – us being the artists of color who believe in visibility, creative collaboration and boundless opportunities.


Plenty of celebrities create their own boutiques – the majority of which I find rather vanilla. I suppose what sets Solange apart is that she has expanded the community she had already built with Saint Heron. Saint Heron’s editorial site has been a stimulating discussion on fashion, art, music and culture since its inception. By adding a shoppable experience that highlights artists of color, Solange is nourishing multi-hued creatives. Sure, another online boutique may not be a victory that shakes the walls of the White House, but it is certainly enough to send a warm nod of acknowledgement her way. Solange proves that creative space isn’t something you’re given – instead, it is something you create.


Featuring an exclusive ceramic homeware line from Tactile Matter, women’s ready-to-wear pieces from Phlemuns and all natural soap for Folie, Saint Heron is a perfectly curated shop for the modern aesthete. Shop now.

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