Secret Society Q&A: Brynn Wallner

Showing up to the first shoot of a new series, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The only person I knew that would be there had gotten stuck in Mexico City the night before and would miss at least half of the day, meaning I would need to take the lead of a team of strangers. However, as soon as I got there I was greeted with incredible warmth and kindness from the entire team, especially from the model of the day, Brynn Wallner.

She’s about the average height for a woman with a petite yet curvy frame, tanned skin, and golden blonde hair. I could tell she might be a little nervous, but that was actually comforting because I was too. We hit it off right away, cracking jokes, telling stories, and dancing around between shots.


HAH T-String in Black

For someone who hasn’t modeled much before, Brynn nailed the shoot that day; even in moments where she wasn’t super comfortable, she pushed through flawlessly. With Drake bumping in the background and her own accessories being thrown into the mix, her spunky personality shone through and couldn’t be tamed, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Brynn is a down-to-earth chick; she knows what she’s about and she embodies it in full, and that is something I think anyone can respect. In addition to photographing her, I had the pleasure of picking her brain to find out what goes on in that sweet and sassy head of hers, and her answers do not disappoint.


HAH T-String in Black


LF: Describe your perfect lingerie set. What does it look like and how does it make you feel when you wear it?

BW: Lacy and barely there. My personality can be loud… but when you get to know me, I’m actually very girly and sensitive. If you’re lucky enough to get intimate with me, you’d know that <3

LF: What is one song that describes you on any given day?

BW: Bad Girls by Blood Orange. I want this song played at my funeral.

LF: What makes you feel sexy?

BW: I feel sexiest when I’m healthy.

LF: As someone who doesn’t typically model, what was the experience of posing for us with a full team, and in lingerie, nonetheless? (You killed it, by the way).

BW: At first I was turned off because the make-up was a bit much. I basically had a meltdown and made the really nice make-up chick wipe it all off…sorry!! I realized that if I don’t recognize myself then I suck at modeling. You gotta strike a balance between posing and staying true to you.

LF: Turn ons? Turn offs?

BW: TURN ONS – Skaters, guys who can rap, swag, sense of humor, curiosity, people who love my dog!! TURN OFFS – Late night texts, corny memes, beards, name dropping, people who don’t read.

LF: Name 5 artists or bands currently in your rotation.

BW: ANTI by Rihanna, Jeremih, anything prod. by Metro Boomin … and always Beach House + the Growlers

LF: What is your guilty pleasure?

BW: Lingering the Beverly Hills Hotel, acrylic nails.

LF: What was your relationship with your body like as a teenager, and how has it changed since then?

BW: I was very waify as a teen and fully lived in my own world… genuinely didn’t care about what others thought. If anything, I’m trying to reach that same mindset now in my 20’s. It’s hard in LA, but I like that with age, I grew some curves and a lil booty 🙂

LF: Describe your personal aesthetic in 3 words.

BW: Girly, minimal, cheeky.

LF: What is one thing you love about yourself – physically, mentally, or both?

BW: I love my bouncy confidence. I get this from my dad. 

LF: What is one of your hidden talents?

BW: I can sing 😉 let me serenade you.

LF: What does the phrase “girl power” mean to you?

BW: Girl power is about girls empowering themselves and other women. I hate when people assume feminism is anti-men. Girl power isn’t about men…It’s about us!!! Try to be a good role model, try not to over-compete. We’re all out here struggling together.

LF: What advice would you give to women and girls learning to love themselves?

BW: Express yourself. Never compare yourself to others. Pining for the bodies and lives of the Hadid sisters won’t make you any prettier or richer. 

LF: How FAST do you live?

BW: I live fast. My mind is in so many places at once… I blame my phone for this. But I like it slow every now and then 😉

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