Lingerie Guide: Aeneas Erlking


Aeneas Erlking, an edgy lingerie line based in Los Angeles, is making one hell of a case for the proverbial night in. Featured here with super babe, and Live FAST Secret Society  member, Danielle Alcaraz. Shot at the Redbury Hotel, with photographer Naomi Christie – these images are a statement of what we can be expecting from Aeneas Erlking from now on. That means plunging necklines, perfectly placed mesh, a sprinkling of leather, because let’s be honest it makes everything a little more fun. 

The line has recently undergone rebranding, turning up the steeze and romance, while still maintaining a touch of punk attitude. These pieces are asking us to set aside who we are in the daylight and let our other selves drive the ride. They are playful with out being precious, and sensual without being sensationalized. If everything in life is about finding balance, I think Aeneas Erlking has struck their perfect measure. 









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