Live FAST Travelogue: Mezcal, Film and Tacos In The Riviera Maya


Landing and being dragged slowly through the customs check lines, and by those damned car rental agency bastards with there little signs trying to coax you in, then rip you off with jacked up foreign insurances, always sucks. No way around it. Be weary too of the gas stations attendant swiping your card with card readers… Not connected to the pump, I found out this trip over an uneventful morning cup of coffee and a case of fraud. But get past that stuff, and you’ll have your toes in the sand in no time. Skip the immediate attractions, grab a coffee if you can find one with ice or a quick stiff drink, and drive straight the hell out of Cancun heading south…


Yes they will still have Corona down there, but you don’t want that. What you really want is to find the local Taqueria, the one with all the cab drivers hanging around front. Walk in and order four of the best Al pastor Tacos you’ll have in your life, and whatever ice cold beer they’re serving. Probably SOL, Tecate or some cheaper crap, but it will taste amazing and you will feel like you left home for a good reason…


To stay, find yourself a small off shoot on Air B&B, I found one for around 180 bucks or something for the week – an obvious done deal. Clean bed and shower, lock on the door, and a small fridge. You shouldn’t be spending time inside your room in Mexico anyway… unless it’s looking at the water, or has a thatch roof, or some relic waterbed or something I could see being possible exceptions.

The place I got was a little off the main strip of beaches and restaurants, but I prefer that type of thing -A little seedy, but easier access to authentic happenings and experiences. Walking the local streets of Playa Del Carmen off the main strip is like being in a movie with a different scene around every corner. You’re taste the dirt, feel the vibe, and dig seeing the way of life. There’s cold grapefruit soda and fruit on every corner and in half a day I burned four rolls, walking beaches, shooting street dogs, and double exposure scenes.

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Further to the south is Tulum, everyone might say that’s where to be. At least most of your photographer friends that shoot catalogs or hot babes in the sand say this. So yea, give it a look, but I didn’t spend a ton of time in town there. Mostly ran about, stopping at little package stores for beer and cigs, drinking fair amounts, and swimming in different places. Hit Akumal, Cozumel, find a restaurant called La Buena Vida, and eat fresh guacamole up in a palm tree. Rent a scooter and cut loose, or if you have a rental car, visit some Cenote’s inland. Ik Kill is a cool find, and the drive north from Tulum is filled with roadside stands and cool painted graveyards.

Beyond that, try Mezcal with coconut milk, go see a Pyramid, eat Queso de Oxaca on everything, keep an ear out for your favorite American classic rock songs being covered by local Mexican Garage bands in bars, and don’t forget to swim at night if the moon’s out…

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