The Right And Left Brains Of Casey Jane’s


BB Dakota has peeked our interest yet again, and this time with more than a fabulous lookbook. The contemporary LA-based brand has been releasing a series of videos created by female artists and creatives that all deliver varied messages in the spirit of feminist activism. Their freshest release is a six video narrative series, The Left And Right Brain’s Of Casey Jane’s, poking fun at our branding culture and modern advertising practices. The “branded content sitcom” is the brain child of Casey Jane – a writer, standup comedian, and multimedia artist. The series satires the life of a woman who is grasping at the fringes of reality as she navigates the daily struggles of losing her job, going to the gyno, and getting innovative on how the hell she is going to pay rent. Casey Jane is a comical genius, a downright nutcase, and probably our new favorite person. You can watch all six episodes below, enjoy xoxo!

Episode 1:

Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Episode 4: 

Episode 5: 

Episode 6: 

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