Lingerie Guide: Kriss Soonik AW15


The latest lingerie/loungewear hybrid collection from Kriss Soonik celebrates the concept of dressing up to dress down. Sportswear continues to dominate fashion trends (see: Normcore, Athleisure), but Soonik’s take provides a fresh perspective. Luxe details – a fur pom pom or satin bow – are layered under cobalt mesh or a classic circle cardigan, creating not so much a merger as a trifecta of fashion, function, and femininity.  Whether these sets are worn at home or post-yoga, the subtlety with which the elements are combined provides a solution for glam girls with gym goals who aren’t necessarily willing to go full tomboy.

kriss soonik aw15-1Kriss-Soonik-Disco-Lingerie-Set-Silver Kriss-Soonik-Disco-Suspender-Top-Gold Kriss-Soonik-Emily-Knitted-Set Kriss-Soonik-Kristel-Suspender-Top-Pink Kriss-Soonik-Silk-Velvet-Lingerie-Set Kriss-Soonik-Silk-Velvet-top-trousers-and-gown-1 Kriss-Soonik-Susan-Fishnet-Body-Navy Kriss-Soonik-Wings-Top-Carit-Trousers-1

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