The FAST Guide to an Impromptu Road Trip


Summer is upon us, meaning it is officially road trip season. I don’t believe in planning out road trips – my best adventures have been when I put my key in the ignition and just went. I was thinking about my good fortune with impromptu road trips and realized that I don’t have good luck – I just know how to prepare for a car-bound trip well. It simply is a formula of common sense, minor prep work, and faith that all will work out. Amongst those things, I cite the following as absolute musts when it comes to adventuring:


Hotel Tonight

Recently, I was on a trip with my boyfriend and we hated our hotel. This issue was solved in a matter of fifteen minutes thanks to the Hotel Tonight app. For those of you who are unfamiliar – Hotel Tonight is a hospitality booking service that can place you in a hotel room at a discounted rate, from up to seven days out. Bonus: Use the promocode TAMYUSA for an even more discounted room for first time users, courtesy of our contributor Tamy Emma Pepin.

A Fresh Oil Change

Every single time I take a road trip, I take my car to get a new oil change and to have a safety check done. It costs $100 and saves you from being stranded on the side of the road in a desolate area.


Common Sense

This correlates to the above. Don’t embark on a 1000 mile journey without properly preparing. Change your oil. Charge your phone. Have some idea of where you will be sleeping. If traveling alone, this counts as double. A solo road trip isn’t fun when shit hits the fan.

Amuse Society bikini

As I type this, I have a bag packed for a trip I am leaving on tomorrow and have three Amuse Society bikini’s tucked away. They’re easily my favorite swim line and their one-pieces look perfect with a pair of denim shorts tossed over.


A Travel Journal

I take road trips so I can write. Personally, I am unable to complete substantial writing while on the road, so I just take notes of everything I see and hear – sometimes I won’t even revisit my journal entries until a few months have passed. Regardless, it helps my creative stimulation stay intact

A Back-Up Plan

A loose back-up plan is essential. Do you have an extra credit card you can use in case of emergency? Or a spare tire in your trunk? Wait, do you even know how to change your own tire? It is easy for a simple roadtrip to turn into a drive into hell – the most hellish situations are often the most easily avoided.

Need some inspiration for your next trip? This is currently my source of summertime inspo.

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