All Aboard The Classic VW Campervan


In time for the new year, my man and I have been looking into getting a RV and customizing it. We’re traveling so much for work apart from each other that we thought it would be nice to cozy up in a nice flat on wheels and discover California instead of spending our whole weekends catching up on errands or doing computer work. We’re looking at a lovely Dodge conversion van, but to be completely honest I have been daydreaming of a classic VW campervan ever since my first road trip to Big Sur, and can’t stop scouring the Web for inspiration.

Some of the best photography I have discovered comes from Tina Hillier, a contributor to Monocle, EnRoute and The Saturday Telegraph Magazine, who tagged along cool hunters Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon on a 3500-mile road trip around Europe to locate and connect with proud campervan owners for the book “My Cool Campervan,” which explores the inspiring ways people customize and refurbish some of the most iconic vehicles – from the VW T2 to the Bedford CA, the classic Commer, the vintage Dodge, the converted Citroën H Van, and the big American RV. Life on the open road has never looked better…

What is your favorite vintage trailer?

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It’s All Gucci…