Interview Series: Emily Soto

It’s that sultry glimpse caught by the camera lens, just for a second, that often makes a photograph. NYC-based fashion photographer Emily Soto does that with her model beauties; she has mastered the female portrait. Her soft lighting techniques and talent at capturing tenacious emotive expressions lend to her dreamy, ethereal style. She’s got an enormous presence on Behance, where she’s continuously updating new work. We spoke with the lovely photographer about her art and she had some great insight.


LF: Hey Emily! How is life in the fashion photography world?

ES: Busy!  There is always so much going on that it doesn’t get boring for a moment!  Right now NYC is gearing up for fashion week and I am getting ready to go work in LA for a few weeks and escape from the cold!

LF: You work both in the studio and outdoors. Do you have a preference?

ES: I personally love shooting outdoors, this is my first winter in L.A. and it is so cold!  In L.A., no one worries about the weather since it is sunny and perfect 99% of the year so I am definitely bad at making myself get out and work in this!

LF: Your lighting is soft and dreamy. What would be your best piece of advice for a photographer lighting fashion in this way?

ES: When I am shooting outdoors I mostly use natural light and shoot at a wide aperture.  I love the dreaminess it gives to photos as well as the softness it creates.

LF: How do you come about your models?

ES: Most of my models are booked through agencies however I do have a few that I started working with at the beginning of my career and have continued to throughout the years.

LF: You’re passionate about fashion. Do you style a lot of the work, or do you prefer to work with stylists? 

ES: I prefer to work with stylists so I can focus solely on photography however if I have a certain idea that I know I can do on my own I go for it!  I do style a lot in NY and when I am traveling, it is fun when I can make my complete vision come to life.

LF: You photograph mostly females. Why?

ES: I love feminine, soft, ethereal photography which works really well with females and capturing their beauty.  I am in love with pretty, girly things and love to shoot and work with them when creating images.

LF: If you could do a fashion shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

ES: My favorite places I’ve shot have been Paris and Venice, for me I don’t think I could find better places!  I would love to shoot in other areas of France and Italy and think it would be fun to shoot in Egypt one day!

LF: How do you get off, literally or figuratively?

ES: Learning new things, I am always trying to find new ways of doing things and challenging myself to grow as a photographer.  If I continued to do the same thing I’d get bored!

LF: How FAST do you live?

ES: I never stop!  As a photographer there is always so much to do and so much that “could” be done.  I am so glad I love what I do because it gets pretty crazy!

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