Fashion Radar: Band of Martians

A couple weeks back we met with Bonnie of Noe Undergarments for a casual walk through at her Newport Beach showroom, Band of Martians, co-founded by Ally Lopez and Jenna Woodhull. These mega babes rep some of our favorite brands in the biz – including Noe, Acacia Swimwear, First Base,  and Thrills – out of a rad little house on Old Newport Blvd. They greeted us with a cold bottle of Veuve and told us their story… Photos by Jenavieve Belair.

Band of Martians Live Fast Mag


LF: How did you two meet and how did Band of Martians come about?

AL: We have known each other for over 15y ears. We initially met through work and have been close ever since. We have been talking about a creative space for over a year now.. We knew what our overall vision was, just didn’t exactly know how to make it come alive..  We just kept talking about it, rolling through ideas until we pinpointed exactly what we needed to do.. As soon as the timing felt right, we pulled the trigger.

LF: What is your vision with this creative showroom space? 

AL: We wanted to develop a showroom space that feels like a crossroads and meeting grounds for creatives; a space that is open and inviting. We wanted to create a showroom that enabled the brands to feel like they were part of a venue and event space in addition to a sales office. We hope that buyers walk in and feel inspired by the space and most importantly by the brands. We call ourselves a family, so its like our HQ is our extended home for all the brands.

Band of Martians Live Fast Mag

LF: How do you select brands to become a part of the space? 

AL: Its been amazing how organically our family of brands has grown.  Each brand seems to compliment one another so well without competing with each other.

LF: What was your biggest win since launching?

AL: For sure, every time we finalized one of the brands, we felt like we won… These are brands that we have loved personally and looked up to, so for them to want to be a part of us was so humbling and amazing.

LF: What is your favorite trend in fashion right now?

AL: So in love with menswear for the ladies.. Nothing better than a gorgeous woman throwing on a guys tee or button up and making it look super sexy.

LF: Who do you look up to right now in the fashion industry?

AL: Everyday we find ourselves being inspired by something Australian.. Cant get enough of the Australian bloggers… Theres a confidence that exists there that is captivating… We are also obsessed with anything vintage… from home décor blogs, to mid-century architecture, to good old 60’s & 70’s fashion.

LF: What type of people are you most excited to work with?

AL: We are honestly so excited to work with the amazing humans behind our brands.. They are all so passionate and excited and driven and they do it all themselves, its blows us away…

LF: If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

AL: Jimi Hendrix, Edie Sedgwick, and our dads (yes – that is 4 people but the dads have to be there).

LF: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

AL: make a strong batch of french press.

LF: What gets you off, literally or figuratively?

AL: life… literally. Its overwhelming and amazing and crazy and bowlines too much… allll the time.. And that how we like it.

LF: When are you happiest?

AL: When I’m feeling grateful, I’m the happiest…

LF: How do you balance business and friendship?

AL: Talking through everything… and then talking more… As soon as that stops we got problems.

Band of Martians Live Fast Mag

LF: How fast do you live?

AL: too fast… Probably need to slow down but we are comfortable going at that pace… We go til we crash (or cry…) and then we start all over.

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