Preview: “LA Odyssey” @ Bruce Lurie Gallery

Three photographers, Lily Flores, Serge Gil and Kristy Mann, pooled their creative juices in this compelling ongoing series “LA Odyssey” opening Nov. 7 at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in LA. In part one, “Conceptions,” they explore the idea of the masked nude interacting with the vast canvas and place they call home, Los Angeles.

The Ugly Duckling, Hollywood Hills, Kristy Mann

“Through three distinguishable perspectives “Flores, Gil & Mann” have collaborated to create this cohesive collection of imagery where the masked nude becomes the norm, exploring the role of fashion, as well as its absence: what it masks and what it reveals. Its masked models are depersonalized to the extent that they become symbols, or perhaps even surrogates for their audience. Somewhere between Helmut Newton peppered with the slightly disturbing seductiveness of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, LA Odyssey’s Conceptions reveals a distinctively rich and voyeuristic interpretation of the sprawl and decentralization of Los Angeles.”

Cutting at the Factory, Boyle Heights, Lily Flores

Easy Rider, Traction Ave, Lily Flores

Flight Pattern, City of Vernon, Serge Gil

Models Apartment, West Hollywood, Kristy Mann

Life & Death, Salton Sea, Serge Gil

Join the artists at their opening reception Nov 7 from 7-10pm at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in LA.

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