In Focus: The Mattson 2


Allow us to introduce The Mattson 2, the dynamic twin brothers who have mastered the California vibe with their unique sound, blending traditional jazz percussion with straight up surf rock. It’s perfect summer party music.

Jonathan and Jared Mattson have been jamming together since junior high. After recently graduating with bachelor degrees in music from UCSD, they’re on the fast track to success. Their newest release “Feeling Hands” proves that they’re here to stay, receiving praises from the music industry, already alluding to legendary status.

They were recently photographed by one of our favorite photographers Arto Saari in his classic black & white style. The sharp suits fit the refined jazz style of The Mattson 2 to a tee.

Want a new sound of summer? Roll the windows down, throw on The Mattson 2, find a secluded spot, and make out with your man in the backseat. After all, every moment needs a soundtrack. We’ve also decided that The Mattson 2 will be in heavy rotation around our offices… and on our weekend trips to the coast. We’ll be back with an interview real soon…

It’s All Gucci…