Lookbook Lust: K. Hendrix “Hello Fabulous”

Fairy. Warrior Princess. Modern Muse. Designer K. Hendrix doubles up as an eco-vintage cut and sew couture alchemist in every ounce of re-worked fabric she compels us with. Stemming from an impeccable interior design background, being an avid vintage collector and seamstress extraordinaire, Hendrix set out to L.A. in ’08 to “level up” on her passionate execution – a task that proved right when her ready-to-wear and couture collections fell in the hands of celebs and sat pretty on runways.

The alchemy of her handmade creations spin meticulous, intricate detailing that pull you in to her spool of 100% reclaimed or recycled vintage materials. Whether you want to sparkle that gold fairy dust, claim your throne or inspire a lover gracefully, this lustful lookbook takes you to a magically delicious mind set… and may have you wanting to hike up your skirt with photography by Fox Harvard.

In an interview held by Icon Magazine in 2011, the designer describes her vibe better than anyone: “So this is me, Kimberly Hendrix. I am a clothing designer. I am imperfect; so are my clothes. I have a history; so do my clothes. I am unique and beautiful and one-of-a-kind, just like the clothes I make; just like my customers; just like my friends; just like everyone I know.”

L’Agent Goodies…