Magic Hour With Guy Mariano

My Magic Hour interview with Guy Mariano was ironically set on one of the few gloomy days of the year in Los Angeles, but there was no way I was going to cancel or reschedule, excited as I was for a moment with such a legend on my rooftop, especially a few days after he had won big at the 15th Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards. In case you didn’t know, he took home two trophies; one for the coveted ”Readers’ Choice” award and the other for “Video Part of the Year” for Pretty Sweet, which also won “Video of the Year.”

Pretty Sweet Portrait by Ben Colen.

And as much as I came into this series determined to talk to skaters about everything but skateboarding, I couldn’t help but dive straight into it when I started chatting with Guy – his input is invaluable in so many ways. In this honest and insightful video, you can really get a feel of where he’s at in his mind and in his life. I think in spite of the weather, we did manage to make magic:

Special thanks to my videographer Blaine Suque and to Transworld Skateboarding and The Girl Skateboard Company for allowing us to use some footie!

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