Art Crush: Jenn Porreca “Love in Absentia”

I first met Jenn Porecca when we teamed up for the Live Fast Mag group show, “Untamed.” I had the precarious job of transporting her painting in my Eurovan from San Francisco to Los Angeles for install, and despite harried traffic conditions, I made it there in one piece. Jenn arrived the following day for the show, and we all took in some art, imbibed on champagne and networked with the pretty fantastic people who came out for the event.

Portrait by John Coyne

I have since been keeping an eye on Jenn’s dreamy portraits of women, which she claims to take marked influences from surrealist art and film, vintage fabric patterns, comics, religious iconography and silhouette animation. Luckily for the folks in San Francisco, her solo show “Love in Absentia” opens this Saturday at the Luna Rienne Gallery in the Mission.

With Love In Absentia, Porreca explores the challenge of doing something as simple as loving each other in the chaotic and complex modern world. With everyone’s reality becoming increasingly fragmented, she attempts to connect the viewer with the universal stream of consciousness through the line in her work. The tension and release of painterly expressionism juxtaposed with the sharp, controlled line represent her search for balance in the duality of life and death. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the work from the show, as well as images of Jenn in her Los Angeles studio.

Love in Absentia, Jenn Porreca from Jenn Porreca on Vimeo.

Portrait by John Coyne

Portrait by John Coyne

Stop by Luna Rienne Gallery at 3318 22nd Street @ Valencia this Saturday (3/2/12) from 6 to 9 p.m. for the opening of Jenn’s show “Love in Absentia”. You’ll get a chance to meet the lovely artist and maybe get inspired by her love-fueled works.

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