Babe Talk: Breanna Box

“I love watching people do primal things – sleep, eat, f**k,” is what Breanna Box wrote me when she sent this phenomenal new editorial by Shelby Duncan. Actress, songstress, model; her universe is complex, yet she is fascinated by simplicity. The series of photographs is titled “Young Blood” – she affectionately referred to it as “pancakes.” It’s all in good fun for this mad woman, so enjoy the food porn and our pillow talk with a Hollywood rising star!


LF: What’s in the box? Is this your real last name, BTW?

BB: Breanna is inside. Yes, BOX is my real last name.

LF: Who inspires you?

BB: God. Anyone who is brave; always obeying their intuitive whisper.

LF: You have the voice of an angel… Tell me about your music.

BB: Why thank you. Just so you know you are the best person to preform in front of. Your energy was energizing. My musicbox will be playing soon.

LF: Three songs that resonate with you right now and why?

BB: Tempo Di Valse by Antonin Dvorak stimulates every sense. Be My Lover by La Bouche because no matter what kind of mood I am in I will drop everything, vogue and smile. You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore… enough said.

LF: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

BB: Go back to sleep.

LF: What’s your favorite piece of romantic literature?

BB: Antigone.

LF: Tips on how to mend a broken heart?

BB: Shopping, Godiva, and the spa.

LF: Who is your favorite artists right now?

BB: William-Adolphe Bouguereau will always have my heart.

LF: How do you like your coffee?

BB: Espresso self.

LF: What attracts you towards androgynous clothing?

BB: It’s attracted to me.

LF: Let’s talk about sex… what gets you off, literally and figuratively?

BB: It’s all in the eyes. Seduce every sense ♡

LF: If your house was burning down, what would you take with you?

BB: My feline and my books.

LF: Why do you choose to live in Los Angeles?

BB: All of the shiny plastic.

LF: What is your proudest moment?

BB Anytime someone has told me that I have inspired them. Nothing feels better than that.

LF: How fast do you live?

BB: At 186,282.4 miles per second

Photography: Shelby Duncan

Styling: JAK

Hair: Candice Birns

Makeup: Dina gregg

Model: Breanna Box

Set/prop design: Lauren Machen

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