West Coast Monochrome Diaries Part 1

I’m not too sure exactly what it is that keeps me so interested in black and white photography. Mostly the simplicity of it. A monochrome photograph is straight to the point – it’s meaningful, but still raw. Everything is digital these days, but when I got my hands on a 35 mm camera I just loved it and stuck with it, and now I’m shooting with all kinds of different film formats. I like to take my cameras with me everywhere I go and shoot it as I see it.

In the next couple years, I’ll document my travels and everyday life. I am always attracted to the behind-the-scenes scenarios, people at their most honest state. There’s something about it that makes a powerful image, no matter what the subject is. It’s like fuck the bullshit, this is what it really is, I don’t want to try and mask it. The images below were shot with a Canon f1, 35mm Film & a Pentax 645 N2, 120mm Film. Enjoy!



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