Wow! Freedom Graffiti By Syrian Artist Tammam Azzam

Love will always be stronger than hate, even when your world falls apart. Syrian artist Tammam Azzam pays homage to his beloved country by juxtaposing one of the most powerfully romantic piece in art history – Klimt’s The Kiss – on his hometown’s bullet ridden walls. Photo credit: Ehab.

Azzam’s recent work all “coincides with particular events of the Uprising, depicting a variety of fractured and wounded maps of Syria, fallen chess pawns and other symbols reconfigured in powerful reflections of the turmoil facing his countrymen.”

This brand new piece – painted this past Wednesday – is in the same line of thought as his recent “Syrian Art Museum” fine art series at Ayyam Gallery in Dubai, which incorporated iconic subjects from the greatest European masters such as da Vinci, Matisse, Goya and Picasso, paralleling the greatest achievements of humanity with the destruction it is also capable of inflicting..

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