Editorial: Lonelydot “A Secret Heart” By Janell Shirtcliff

Inspired by dramatic stills from 1960’s classic movies, this exclusive editorial created in collaboration with Lonelydot will transport you back to a glamorous place in time when some of our favorite leading ladies of cinema – Audrey and Katharine Hepburn, Claudia Cardinale, Brigitte Bardot – breathed, loved and hit big time.

Lonelydot is the most impeccably curated, independent vintage fashion boutique on the Internet and the brainchild of model Janell Shirtcliff, whose sense of style is just as stellar as her natural beauty. Her site consists of several stunning, moody editorials you can shop and obsess over, since navigating them literally feels like treasure hunting in closets as eclectic as Kurt Cobain’s and Françoise Hardy’s.

A gem of a woman, Janell can tap into her imagination on-demand and turn a simple afternoon with friends into an intense dress up and make believe session… after all, isn’t it what fashion is all about?

So a couple weeks back, we took each other’s virginity – hers as an editorial photographer, and mine as a model – to create these enigmatic images I absolutely adore. Everything came together seamlessly with the help of talented stylist Melis Kuris and makeup artist Amy Strozzi. Shop our editorial here!

“All of my incredibly talented friends are a true inspiration. They’re all creative beings, whether it be designing clothing, making music, taking pictures, shooting films or turning themselves into pop stars. The most beautiful side of each one of them that they all have worked so hard to be where they’re at. Over the years I have watched them blossom into their creative skin and become successful in the name of passion. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. This is what inspires lonelydot,” Janell explains.

In the strange, mystical world that is Hollywood, the real magic happens when you truly live your life as though you were the leading actress in your own movie…



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