Interview Series: Sagan Lockhart

A couple weeks back I bumped into Sagan Lockhart at New Image Art Gallery and I liked the guy instantly. Best known for his work documenting the popular Odd Future hip hop collective, this talented young photographer offers a fresh take on the mighty and the gritty of the industry he grew up in. You have to celebrate his Southern California roots; a quick glance at his work will give you a really slick representation of what Cali photography is becoming now; instant, a bit nostalgic and thinking out of the box. Enjoy our Q&A and a selection of favorites from his portfolio!

This is Cash. I took this when I first got my camera at the Diamond store. I’ve heard grown woman say some very sexual things about this picture…

LF: When did you first pick up a camera? What are you shooting with now?
SL: A few years ago a friend sold me a Canon ae-1. I’ve broken a couple, but still mostly shoot with that camera alongside a few different point and shoots and very rarely my Rebel.

LF: Who are photographers that inspire you? Who do you look up to?
SL: Terry’s always been cool to me, I like people’s personal photos though. Like friends photos or family photos… real personal stuff grabs my attention.

I took this on 4th of july. The hat says “pleasant” on it but that day was actually the opposite, with lots of running and police involved.

Nakel Smith always wears some flamboyant shit. On a ranch in Saugus, CA.

LF: You shoot almost exclusively on film. Why?
SL: It just looks cooler to me and the whole process kind of excites me. Not knowing what you’re gonna get I guess..

LF: Besides the OF store, what are some favorite spots to eat, shop and hang out at on Fairfax?
SL: Ya I work at the Odd Future store. I like to go to the Farmer’s Market… lots of different food and weirdos lurking.

I assisted Van Styles on a shoot one day with Andy San Dimas. I was able to squeeze this shot in between their shooting.

This was from Tyler’s BSD video. No one’s looking at me, Antuan Dixon is wearing a bunny mask and Nakel is lurking in the back.

LF: You had a huge photo show back in July in Brooklyn. How did it feel to take your work to NYC?
SL: I love NYC, so just being able to have an audience out there was amazing. Very grateful.

LF: What are your touring essentials? What do you always travel with?
SL: I keep it simple: film, my board and some clothes…usually less than what I need.

Chaz from Toro Y Moi rocking the golf wang chain. im a huge fan so its an honor to have seen him work in the studio.

Frank Ocean before he did a few songs with Odd Future at the Palladium show.

LF: If you could share a drink anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
SL: i think jay-z might have some stories id wana hear and hopefully some business advice.

LF: What’s next for you and Odd Future?
SL: i just want to travel and stay inspired, make stuff and work on projects i want to do. all the rest of odd future is killing it. who really knows whats next its already been a crazy unexpected year.

Dolls kind of freak me out, but I really liked the colors in this. It was just sitting like this in the corner of a store.

To me this guy is the real life “Dos Equis” guy. He always wears the freshest suits, has a crazy story to tell and he’s always making really expensive leather vests or traveling the world.

LF: You will be a part of an upcoming group show at New Image Art gallery. How do you feel about showing with other like minded, young creatives, skaters, etc.
SL: im really excited to be included. im a fan of practically everyone involved.

This is Tyler off set from a thug skit we were filming for Loiter Squad.

Frank Ocean was playing a great set at Coachella and Earl was very excited about it… I like the Ferris Wheel in the back too.

LF: Whose deck do you ride right now?
SL: ive got a dan drehobl krooked board.

LF: What gets you off, literally or figuratively?
SL: trolling my friends

This is Chloe Clancy and she’s probably the cutest/smartest little kid on the face of the planet. This was also backstage at Coachella, she’s got VIP at every event.

LF: How fast do you live?
SL: Responsibly fast.

I took this on an iPhone 3G near downtown LA, it was nowhere near Halloween and the phone was a fake toy.

Also taken with a iPhone 3G… No one has been able to tell me what that is on his leg yet.

L’Agent Goodies…