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Preview: The Art of Steven Daily Presents “Melchizedek”

There’s an artist you should turn your attention to: Steven Daily. His new series, “Melchizedek”, based on supernatural stories from the Old and New Testament, launches at La Luz De Jesus Gallery with an opening night reception this Friday, October 5th, 2012. The series marks a pure visualization that stems from Daily’s adolecence to the present—although the artist was raised with a spiritual upbringing, he’s always been attracted to the Macabre. In the Aramaic tongue, “Melchi” translates as ‘My King’ and in Hebrew form, “Melchizedek” reads as ‘My King Is Righteous’. This artist has created a niche that we think only suits his drawn out strokes…


We’ve been to a few of Daily’s exhibits in the past, and leave with a heavy mark of the fantastical each time we set eyes on his works of art…almost like we’ve jumped into the actual piece itself. The exhibit awaits you until October 28th, which makes for a stellar Halloweenie art-crush-outing. Here are some preview images from the highly anticipated show:



The artist has worked with some astonishing entities: Disney, Lucas Arts, Sony, Dark Horse Comics, Slave Labor Graphics and HBO—these big guns dive into the art of Steven James Daily for purposes related to commerce or art—and find as much satisfaction in the result he does in the actual craft.






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