Lookbook Lust: Candice Swaenpoel for Brian Atwood

With a slogan like “Sex is in the heel,” it’s hardly a surprise that shoe designer extraordinaire Brian Atwood‘s new campaign has caused quite the stir. Featuring Victoria Secret model Candice Swaenpoel, Atwood’s latest ad spot explores a dark underground world where sexual exploration is encouraged, and thigh-highs seem to be the uniform. “Fuck Me” shoes have never looked so good…

The campaign’s proven to be a bit too much for the general public to handle, as Atwood’s Madison Avenue store as well as NYC’s “Taxi TV” screens have banned the raunchy pictures and video from being shown for being too risqué for prude Americans. Check out Atwood’s controversial video below:

Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Isosceles is a unique, independent label making waves out of London with their debut collection. Deriving their name from geometry, their designs swathe the female body in an architectural rainbow of graphic and figure-flattering neon shapes.

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