Live To Drink: New Cocktails at The Churchill (Los Angeles)

Summer may be over but The Churchill at the Orlando Hotel is giving us something to get excited about. The restaurant, located on the trendy stretch of West Third, has just unveiled a new mixology menu created by the talented Mia Sarazen. The handcrafted drinks are eclectic while still paying homage to classic cocktails; taking the time to get to know the neighborhood and the clientele, she’s crafted a cocktails list that really has something for everyone. Here are our three favorites!

Rye 2 Ways

The menu could seem a little intimidating for the average drinker at first glance, but fear not! Take a risk, you won’t regret it. A drink that stood out to me as one of a kind was the Rye 2 Ways. Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and grenadine could be served up or in a tall glass with Allagash White beer added. The latter option sounded too interesting to pass up and I wasn’t disappointed. It was refreshing for any time of day with a slight tartness that was just right with the whiskey. I would come back for this cocktail alone.

Thirsty in LA

The aptly named, Thirsty in LA is a sophisticated tequila drink. The added Aperol gives it hints of rhubarb while the Ciociaro Amaro gives it luscious aromatic qualities that are perfect for drinking under the Los Angeles sky.

The Churchill Old Fashioned

The most important drink on the menu to try may surprise you. But trust me when I say that The Churchill Old Fashioned is the best one in town. This old and now new favorite (thanks to Mad Men) is a classic beverage. On this menu it is made carefully with the simple ingredients of Old Fitzgerald bourbon, house made bitters, and sugar. Poured over a single ice cube the drink gets better as your night goes on – just like your time at The Churchill.

The menu boasts plenty of other drinks for you to choose from. Get there and check them out! The Churchill is located at 8384 West Third Street in Los Angeles, California.

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