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Sex Or Chocolate? You Can Have Both…

For all you indecisive hedonists out there, we might have found the perfect compromise. If you can’t ever choose between your two favorite delicacies, whether it be dark, luscious, fondant-filled chocolate or big throbbing cocks, this might just make your day.

For 60 Euros, you can order a beautiful, veiny, surprisingly anatomically correct 8 incher made of rich dark chocolate and filled with the fondant flavor of your choice from United Indecent, a Barcelona-based fine chocolate factory.

Quite obviously, these beautiful sculpture desserts are to be inserted in your mouth only, and as United Indecent elegantly puts it: “United indecent Pleasure design has been created for the visual pleasure, being able to manage to produce an ocular orgasm in retinas specially sensitive to the beauty.”

Like this product needed to be even more awesome, their decadent, sexy cream-filled yummies are made of cocoa cultivated on plantations where fair trade and education for children are promoted, so you can enjoy your purchase guilt-free.

As far as fondant goes, you can choose from a decent selection of flavors such as fresh mint, Valencia orange, Williams pear and Irish coffee liqueur.

Anybody else strangely thirsty?



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