Cool Find: Laurel Broughton’s “Mr Knife, Miss Fork”

Anyone who’s ever come across French author René Crevel’s novel Babylon knows that the story of the escapades of “Mr. Knife, Miss Fork” marks a cornerstone of surrealism in literature. The book explores the illusory world of a young girl who reacts to her father’s adultery by imagining him and his mistress fall in love as “Mr. Knife and Miss Fork,” role-playing them running across a white tablecloth of the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired by Dada style and Crevel’s surrealist storyline, designer Laurel Broughton released a clever new accessories collection for Welcome Projects titled “Mr Knife, Miss Fork.”

The collection includes a silk scarf imprinted with a luscious tumbling tress-print, a derby hat that doubles as a purse, a kid glove with red fingernails that becomes a coin bag, and a airmail envelope doubling as a wallet.


Innovative and unique, the pieces are inspired by two of our favorite creative periods. Not only would they make great conversation starters while gallivanting around town, but their versatile functionality allows us to live out our Inspector Gadget fantasies in style – I mean, who wouldn’t want a derby hat that holds your credit cards and red lipstick?


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