Art Crush: Jeremy Fish’s “Where Hearts Get Left”

Jeremy Fish has spent the last year getting back to his roots. After a hugely successful show at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery in 2011, he returned to the West Coast to create a San Francisco-centric body of work, and it was a smash. The line for his most recent show at FIFTY24SF Gallery in the lower Haight – “Where Hearts Get Left” – pushed up the block and almost around the corner, as Jeremy signed books and posters with his signature bunny. Cameras popped off on SF’s notoriously bearded artist, but Jeremy seemed unruffled and happy to interact with his loyal fans. Nothing like coming home! Have a look photos from the opening below! The show runs through Sept 14, 2012.

A Midweek Meditation on Zadie Smith’s Literary Brilliance, Michelle Obama’s Grace and Common’s Never-ending Creativity

This week, I’m leaning into love. Love for literature and one of its most brilliant minds. Love for our First Lady who feels like family instead of political royalty. Love for Common, a man whose trademark creative impulse shines on an unofficial remix of “Cranes in the Sky.”

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