Interview Series: C.C. Sheffield Releases “Long Brown Hair”

C.C. Sheffield’s new music video for her latest Ultra single Long Brown Hair is pure madness. AOL’s Spinner premiered the clip earlier today, describing the track as “a mixture of a ballad-driven lament and a dubstep freakout.” Her vicious love song is a lucky pretext for an edgy, violently seductive electronic choreography featuring three hot models fighting and moaning in a blood bath. Plus you’ve got C.C. parading in an array of absolutely stunning gowns and lingerie. It’s a banger!

C.C. Sheffield’s body of work is fun, fresh and rebellious; the kind only people with nerve and quite a bit of delirium can create. Her creativity just doesn’t shut up. She grew up listening to Fiona Apple, it shows. Since her musical debut with her band, Le Rev, “Tales of Running Away,” C.C.’s quickly moving up to club queen status and master songwriter.

Living in a suitcase is like a curse when you’re a beautiful, talented young woman in her twenties. The world is wide open. There’s so much you can do… People are fucked up. In the midst of the craze that surrounds her, C.C. is kind and open-minded. Her aesthetic is strong and she’s definitely pushing boundaries in the video you’re about to watch, which was inspired by the work of one of her creative mentors, Franco-Argentine filmmaker Gaspard Noé. We had a chance to sit down with this badass bombshell gamechanger for the interview below, but first check this out:


LF: How excited are you to finally release the “Long Brown Hair”music video?

CC: Super, super excited. I’ve been playing with videos as an independent artist for a while, but this is my biggest directorial project so far. It was an amazing opportunity.

LF: What was your biggest challenge as a director?

CC: I was very fortunate to have my assistant Lauren Glasses as a producer; we just winged it in a lot of ways. It was a real friends project, and we had to pull lots of favors… The whole production was pretty incredible; one minute you’re getting a bathtub from Craigslist, then eight hours before the shoot the Craigslist dude is a no show… but we made it happen and it was totally magical. Everyone did a great job, all around me. My friends, actresses Jillian Kate and Kathrine O’Brien, another female director, were so open-minded and followed my vision, literally screaming and yelling in a cold bath tub covered in blood. I was taunting them and slamming their heads in this cold disgusting blood tub while yelling at the DP camera shots.

LF: The main theme of the song is jealousy, a condition so bad that it leads to murder. What’s your stance on jealousy in a relationship?

CC: I’m actually not a huge jealous person as I’m naturally flirty, so it doesn’t really make sense for me to pull that card. Dudes can’t really put up with me. I’m on the road a lot, in situations with a lot of interesting people. I got a life and expect them to have a life too, including previous relationships. I think this song is just a magnified way of saying “look dude, you got all these 20 y-o lookalikes, here we go on the same old ride. I’m over it.”

LF: Do you usually write lyrics from fantasy?

CC: The songs I write for my band Le Rev are literally poetry stripped down from my diary. But when I got signed as a songwriter I started having writing sessions with strangers; those are almost blind dates like ” hey can we work together, we like each other’s work.” So I definitely have distanced myself from the meaning of a lot of songs. It really opens me up to more themes, more heroic stories, versus what I think the day I’m PMSing about a situation, venting in some nursery rhymes. In these songwriting sessions I’ve picked up a lot of the craft of songwriting from great writers whom I love, especially old southern songwriters in Nashville. They are epic storytellers in two verses and a chorus.

LF: Describe your creative process.

CC: I’m creative on a need-to-create basis. I do a lot of self help workshops… Just kidding. Uh, I work in different media, so when I get a chance to direct, act, edit, write or perform live, I’m exercising different muscles of my creativity. I like to consume life and process like the grocery store or a poem. I’m also nice to myself as a creative rule… not too critical. I keep experimenting in various directions, whether something I tried worked or didn’t. Never self destruct or cut off just because I’m not an expert. Try again, do another live show.

LF: Would you say music drives your life, or life drives your music?

CC: Tricky one, ladyshark. Let’s just say music is my religion!

LF: Modeling, acting and DJing are three careers that require a lot of traveling. What’s your favorite place to go back to and why?

CC: I’m into Paris and Egypt. Paris I love, and Egypt is a complicated love.

LF: You moved to L.A. in your teens with nothing but a suitcase. Would you say this is the biggest chance you took in your career? If not… what is it?

CC: When you have nothing to lose, it’s not a big chance. I believe coming from nothing gave me bigger dreams and a bad high school education. The biggest chance I took was… flying out of Egypt the morning of the anniversary of the recent revolution, right before the emergency government started holding American citizens in Egypt.

LF: Who’s your favorite designer right now?

CC: Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Agent Provocateur.

LF: Who’s your style icon?

CC: Jane Birkin.

LF: If you could live your twenties again in another decade, what would it be?

CC: I’m a huge fan of the 1920’s. I really like the surrealist and dadaist art movements of the period, the club life and the dance style.

LF: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

CC: Look at my phone.

LF: Do you believe in love at first sight?

CC. Definitely lust at first sight – that “you, over there, here now!” feeling – but very often that’s a miracle. Love is complicated in my eyes, and the full effect isn’t felt until later. I believe it’s too big a feeling for first sight.

LF: What gets you off, literally and figuratively?

CC: I like vibrators and poetry. Amazing music, big audiences, long distances, new opportunities, expensive lingerie, and obviously bath tubs.

LF: When are you happiest?

CC: It’s relative. I love riding my bike, but also djing/performing for huge crowds. I’m happy on planes listening to audiobooks and Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

LF: If you had one piece of advice for a young girl who wants to succeed in the entertainment industry?

CC: Keep your legs closed and your mouth shut… Just kidding. The key is it’s all about what you just did and what you have coming up. Don’t stop. Even if you’re tired, crying and drunk on the sidewalk outside the Viper Room. OK.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming project you want to share / are excited about?

CC: Currently I’m prepping my next single and getting the remixes for “Long Brown Hair.” I have a film that may be coming out next year with Roman Coppola and Charlie Sheen. Flying to Vancovuer to shoot a movie called “Bloodline.” I’m a bad girl and I get killed.

LF: How fast do you live?

CC: Not fast enough.

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