The “Work Hard, Play Harder” Playlist

Growing up I was always taught that you had to study or work to quiet, lounge music, because that was the only way to really focus and not have too much fun. As I got older, I realized that this was absolutely the wrong approach. Music is around us all the time so we might as well use it to our advantage, right!?

My first Live Fast playlist combines a perfect amount of quiet tunes to allow you to focus while surprising you with some catchy beats that allow for a break once in a while. Enjoy! (psst you can subscribe to Rdio for free!)

Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Isosceles is a unique, independent label making waves out of London with their debut collection. Deriving their name from geometry, their designs swathe the female body in an architectural rainbow of graphic and figure-flattering neon shapes.

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All Hail the Halter…