Nor Autonom’s Eerily Beautiful New Line Of Wire Masks

These are the things that nightmares are made of. Playing with dark colors, solid materials, and exquisite shapes evocative of a world of fantasy, designer Nicolas Olivier Richard was all about conceptualism through organic materials when he boldly contrived these handmade wire masks for Swedish fashion label Nor Autonom.

Nor Autonom_Entity

The designer wanted to create an abstract collection to serve as the brand’s core DNA under Nor Autonom’s vision of fashion as a medium of storytelling, and with help from prolific photographer Mathias Sterner, does just so.

Nor Autonom_Entity

Sterner’s dark, brooding style seems to be the perfect collaboration for the brand’s out of this world look – these pics are so stunning they will continue to haunt us in our dreams.

Nor Autonom_Entity

New to the fashion scene, Nor Autonom will release their first collection, Entity – consisting of these nine magnificent masks – alongside their clothing line, Partisan in a vernissage at JUS Brunnsgatan 7 in Stockholm starting May 29th.

Nor Autonom_Entity Nor Autonom_Entity Nor Autonom_Entity4 Nor Autonom_Entity3 Nor Autonom_Entity2 Nor Autonom_Entity1



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