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Lookbook Lust: Mother of Pearl FW12

After visiting the Schiaparelli and Prada : Impossible Conversations exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, I found myself contemplating whether art and fashion are one and the same. While Miuccia Prada admits she doesn’t believe fashion is art nor does she view herself as an artist, Elsa Schiaparelli brought art and fashion together, working with artists like Salvador Dali to create unforgettable pieces like the Shoe Hat.

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Though I may not have been sure who to agree with, I finally sided with Schiaparelli at the sight of Maia Norman’s Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 collection. Each season, the London-based designer collaborates with a different artist to help bring her designs to life. She is one of few designers who can integrate paintings and photography with fashion in a way that is not overly dramatic, yet makes an artistic statement all the same.

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Five years after refusing to incorporate his art with fashion, New York-based artist Fred Tomaselli finally agreed to work alongside his friend for her FW’12 collection. Norman used some of Tomaselli’s existing works such as Dead Eye Bird BlastHang OverStand Off and Gravity’s Rainbow for her garments. Once again, Norman has managed to integrate her inner surfer with her love for art and fashion. Her designs are modern, wild, sporty and graphic. They’re a walking piece of art.

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Though the collection is revolved around the usual colors of the fall, Norman does surprise us with a splash of sky blue and crisp white. It features an array of hyperdelic images and intricate cuts and fabrics. What’s your favorite piece?

Mother of Pearl Fall Winter 2012 Collection



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