Check In: Thompson Hotels Belgraves London

Eclectic, sophisticated, and immersed in art and culture, London is like New York City’s trendier, more refined older sister – and one of our favorite cities in the world. With the rapidly approaching summer Olympics set to take place in the UK, new hotels are popping up all over London. Located in Central London’s posh Belgravia neighborhood, Belgraves is Thompson’ newest addition to the hotel line (and their first European addition).

Thompson Belgraves

View on Belgravia.

The boutique 85-room hotel has a lobby that would put Trump to shame, a library lounge bar full of interesting reads, a restaurant headed by award-winning chef Mark Hix, and a spacious patio to enjoy cocktails at sunset. Take a peek at this new exclusive luxurious property which, in spite of all the exhilarating bling, still has that home away from home feel every urban nomad goes to Thompson Hotel for.

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

Hotel entrance...

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

The lobby's library bar.

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

King Premium Room.

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

Luxurious bathrooms.

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

Hello penthouse!

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

Negroni aperitif at Hix

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

Delightful curry.

Thompson Hotel London Belgraves

A sun-drenched cigarden.



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