Hot Spot: Sonos Studio Brings Good Sound To Hollywood

What’s the soundtrack to your life right now, as you’re browsing the Internet? Like most people, you’re probably just sitting at your office, streaming low-fi mp3s with your shitty iPhone headphones. But what if you had a chance to listen to your favorite record in a place that was acoustically tuned for the music to play precisely the way it was recorded, in all of its most intricate sound engineering details? A place where you could stop what you’re doing and actually listen? Sounds good, doesn’t it…

Well, you’re in luck. Sonos, the wireless HiFi system that reinvented home audio for the digital age, has recently opened 4,000 square foot permanent space meant to offer music lovers in Los Angeles a place to sit around, listen to music, enjoy a latte from local coffee shop Coffee Commissary and relax, something which – and I can only speak for myself – I haven’t done since I was a teenager at my one friend’s house whose very liberal parents would let everyone hang out in the basement and blast the sound system.

Located at 145 N. La Brea Avenue in the La Brea Art and Design District of L.A., Sonos Studio explores the connection of music, art and technology with rotating exhibitions, listening parties, film screenings, workshops, concerts and more.

The space launched with a huge party featuring local band Bleached and a DJ set by Questlove, and next up is a DIY speaker-building workshop with Sonos acoustic engineers and artist Luke Fischbeck on June 10, which you’d have to pay me a lot to miss.

Sonos Studio attempts to make musical experiences social again, celebrating all the components that make music relevant to people. Everything in the space is designed for listening in the best way possible, with “custom-built seven-degree canted gallery walls and strategically placed pyramidal sound-dispersing foam tiles.”

The first featured art exhibition, a playful, slightly magical sculpture called “Center of Attention,” commands guests to “Touch more than one rope to play. Each rope carries a signal which is carried through your body. Touch another person. Combine the signals. See what sounds you can find.” You can imagine how much fun this becomes after a few cocktails. Cool Hunting published a great interview with the artist Luke Fishbeck, if you want to dig deeper into the technical aspects of this awesome conceptual piece.

Another cool thing about the space is the skateboard lending library curated by Natas Kaupa. complete with a playlist to accompany each deck, so you can hop on a deck and go explore what the rest of this trendy strech of La Brea has to offer…

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