Fashion Radar: Sock Garters By SWANClothing

For the past seven years, Tara Bethune-Leamen of SWANClothing has designed and brought to market wonderfully wearable sock garters and suspenders for the ladies, all handmade in Vancouver with recycled leather and vintage hardware. Her creations have managed to reincarnate a forgotten accessory into one that is fun and preppy with a hint of S&M edge.

SWANclothing original adjustable sock and thigh high garters with standard grip.

SWANclothing original adjustable sock and thigh high garters with heavy grip.

Aside from function, there’s an undeniable sexy call-out to the black leather straps around a woman’s shin. As for the white lace suspenders, let’s just say SWANClothing models work them better than Steve Urkel. Hotness.

SWANclothing lace suspenders in white with white leather.

SWANclothing gold standard adjustable sock and thigh high garters.



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