Art Crush: Kiki Valdes Joins Margulies

What a pleasure it is to watch Kiki Valdes’ steady rise to fame! The young Cuban American expressionist painter living in New York – whom we’ve covered before on the site for his curatorial work on “The Outsiders” – has recently joined the Michael Margulies Artist Agency, a Miami-based agency that specializes in the representation and marketing of contemporary artists, as well as artist estates. Have a look at some of his most recent body of work:

Bulls Head (2010)

“I’ve always been extremely cautious about who I work with when it comes to my art practice. When I moved from Miami, I knew I had to find someone down there with the tenacity and influence to do more ambitious projects with. Michael Margulies has always been very kind to me and I am attracted by the fact that he really is just starting to show what he can do. His future in representing artists is going to be very strong.

I’m very impressed with his sense of duty to the art community and to the artists he represents. We pretty much decided to work together while drinking beer during St. Patties Day.That is exactly the kind of person I want to work with. He isn’t a gallery director; he’s an agent who works with galleries and very influential collectors. What he’s doing is very innovative, very 2.0,” Valdes explains.

The Beast (2011)

Columbia (2010)

Rivals (2011)

Joke 24 (2010)

Face-Time (2012)

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