Art Crush: Bruno Walpoth’s Wooden Bodies (NSFW)

At first glance these figures appear to be images of models adorned in taupe-colored body paint, placed in simple poses in an abandoned building. Upon closer study, we begin to realize that these photographs are actually photos of the astounding work of Italian artist Bruno Walpoth; nude bodies carefully carved out of wood with such mastery that we can’t help but do a double take.

Bruno Walpoth_Wood8

The artist blends realism and sculpting in an unprecedented way, bringing to life a medium as meager as a piece of wood. With amazingly precise detail, perfectly capturing well-defined muscle form and facial expressions, the works of this inane genius have left us wondering: how the hell did he do that?!

Bruno Walpoth_Wood7 Bruno Walpoth_Wood6 Bruno Walpoth_Wood5 Bruno Walpoth_Wood4 Bruno Walpoth_Wood3 Bruno Walpoth_Wood2 Bruno Walpoth_Wood1



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