Lookbook Lust: Whitney Eve “Bits & Bobs” Fall 2012 Jewelry

If Aphrodite had a jewelry collection, this would pretty much be it. With soft earth tones, subtle lighting, and geometric shapes, this lookbook is effortlessly romantic and perfect for the Greek Goddess of Love in all of us. After catching a glimpse of photographer Layla Sailor‘s captivating photos for print designer Lisa Stannard, MTV personality and fashion designer Whitney Port asked Sailor to collaborate on a fashion shoot to promote her new jewelry line. And we’re glad she did. Sailor’s work is glamorous, transcending something as simple as jewelry into a whole other realm.

Whitney Eve Lookbook

Sailor is not your typical fashion photographer. Her portfolio is filled with well thought out artistic shots, using color and lighting techniques to capture the beauty of textiles and shapes. Her photos are are alluring and inspirational, so keep a close eye out for more work from this rising star.

Whitney Eve Lookbook

Port’s label Whitney Eve is ultra-feminine with a punch of sass, which was perfectly captured in this shoot.

Whitney Eve Lookbook

 Whitney Eve Lookbook

Whitney Eve Lookbook

Whitney Eve Lookbook Whitney Eve Lookbook Whitney Eve Lookbook Whitney Eve Lookbook Whitney Eve Lookbook



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