Lingerie Guide: AP Classics By Chris Floyd

I discovered London-based fashion photographer Chris Floyd while scouring the Web for my next best Agent Provocateur outfit. He was recently commissioned to create a lookbook to showcase our fave brand’s 2012 Classics range of undergarments and decided to make a bold move in his artistic approach; inspired by the work of iconic photographer Bill Brandt, he used a wide angle lens to shoot them stunning babes; “Wide angle lenses are anathema in fashion photography, longer lenses are more flattering to the features and compress the subject so that it’s easier to make everything look softer and more beautified. I liked the idea of going against the grain for Agent Provocateur in this way,” Floyd explains. Let’s just call it a wild angle lens, ok?

Agent Provocateur Classics

Agent Provocateur Classics

Floyd had great things to say about AP’s creative director, Sarah Shotton; “She has a brilliant way of ramping up the girls to a level that brings out a great performance. Her red headed presence is the living embodiment of AP, she is the AP girl and can get away with saying things that, coming from my mouth, would just be plain wrong.” Hot.

Agent Provocateur Classics Agent Provocateur Classics

So if you’re a sucker for a good backstory, make sure to check Floyd’s blog for a full behind the scenes recap and much more goods.

Agent Provocateur Classics Agent Provocateur Classics



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