Fashion Radar: Intimacy 2.0

The insanely innovative team at Studio Roosegaarde collaborated with Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht to give a whole new meaning to “fashion is all about body language.” Combining intimacy with technology, these racy, conceptual dresses are made with special e-foils that are sensitive to body heat and heartbeat. Sensual interactions determine the dresses’ level of transparency, creating a visually stimulating playground for some erotic fun.

Two versions of the garments have been introduced as “Intimacy White” and “Intimacy Black;” they are made with a combination of leather and opaque smart e-foils. Transparency of the dress is determined by a heightened heartbeat, revealing glimpses of flesh the more excited the wearer gets.

The project is sexy and innovative, capturing the attention of artists and fashionistas, and causing excitement and controversy across the globe. Check out their video:

Up next: haute couture designers are currently being slated to design the next version of sensual garments titled ”Intimacy 3.0″ for both women and men. It looks like things are about to get a lot more interesting around here…

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