Naughty Book Club: Sextrology

Curious as to why you are always attracted to ‘bad boys / girls’? Ever wonder why you shoot through the roof when your lover speaks those oh-so-naughty words?  Try reading Sextrology: The Astrology of the Sex and the Sexes by astrologers Starsky and Cox. This bold and unapologetic guide unveils all of the unspeakable deep, dark fantasies behind each zodiac sign, and among other things, illuminates the most compatible cosmic couplings between partners, gay and straight. Never before has an astrology book been so amazingly precise, revealing and exhilarating, reaching far beyond the tired clichés that are so intrinsic to astrology books.

The book divides each zodiac sign into two equally in-depth chapters, one for the female sign and one for the male sign, as well as separate sections for gay and straight analysis, as the authors strongly believe that each sign varies with gender and sexual orientation. Sextrology further breaks each sign into three sub-chapters: sign and mind, body and soul, and lastly sex and sexuality. Each part is more brilliant and more shockingly truthful than the next. Using the best of ancient and modern astrology, the sign and mind segment extensively investigates the influence the sign has on the mind from an early age and how that influence helps shape the person’s demeanor and behavior. The body and soul portion candidly depicts the physical and mental characteristics of the body and the personality traits belonging to the sign, revealing both favorable and unfavorable truths behind each sign. Lastly is the most intriguing section, sex and sexuality, which divulges the psychosis behind each sign’s sexual tendencies and fantasies.


Prepare to be astonished at the precision of the reading as the writers expose all of your dirty little secrets, including turn-ons, favorite sexual positions, and physical & emotional desires. Using audacious language that is sure to make some virgins squeamish, the authors thoroughly examine everything from A to Z, or perhaps I should say from head to toe, creating an unrestricted exploration of the entire being behind each sign.


Whether you are reading it to gain insight on your own sexuality or perusing it to survey a potential relationship partner, Sextrology is sure to enlighten and titillate.

L’Agent Goodies…