Love is Art Kit: Intimate Masterpieces

A great abstract expressionist painting is a wonderful conversation starter, and when it’s made with a Love Is Art DIY art kit, I can guarantee it will leave a lasting impression not only on art lovers… but just on lovers in general.  You might want to have another “G” rated version of the painting’s history at hand for when you are visited by in-laws, ex-es, new love interests, or curious little kids who want to learn about art at an early age.


Love is Art kit comes with everything a couple needs to safely produce an art piece while making love. Sounds messy, right? However, everything is well thought of: the paint in non-toxic, there is a plastic sheet to protect the floor/bed/kitchen counter, non-allergic cotton canvas, slippers to wear on the way to the shower, a body scrubber and a “Do Not Disturb, Painting in Progress” sign!

One thing that is not included are the instructions on what to do once you are naked on the canvas – but this is where the art part comes in.


Make your own masterpiece: ($60.00- $110.00), or offer it to a newly married couple you know – this surely beats a toaster.


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