Happy Under the Rain: Best Umbrellas for Spring Showers

An old Scandinavian saying goes: “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.” That’s why you can be happy under the rain if you have an umbrella that makes you smile every time you open it. And even better, you will see strangers’ faces light up when they see a splash of color in groggy weather.


So many choices - Umbrella street in Spain (photo by Doro y el Mundo)

Why not to invest in happiness? We decided to get ready for April showers and get the best umbrellas this year. Here is what we are thinking:


Clear umbrella - to see where you are going (photo by Karim V. Tabar)


Red Umbrella - to cast a warm glow on your face

rainbow color wheel umbrella

Color Wheel Umbrella - to always be under the rainbow


Bang! Umbrella - to leave a lasting impression


Smiley Face Umbrella - to leave smiles behind you anywhere you go!

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