Euro Tour: Fashion Radar Gondolier Style

You can’t be mad at stripes after coming back from an idyllic trip to Venice and meeting the floating city’s charming gondoliers. In fact, next time I travel there I’ll make sure to pack all striped apparel and accessories, in various styles, fabrics and shapes, as a tribute to their timeless style.


Photo by Victoria Fishel

Stripes come back every year and they have become fashion staple (thanks Coco Chanel), and we’ve decided to put together an inspiration board to celebrate them in all their classic splendor!

Striped Stockings Photo by Veselka Tsvetanova

Striped Stockings Photo by Veselka Tsvetanova

James Dean looking dapper as always!

Painting by Loriez

B&W Pasta


Grey Striped Paper Straws with DIY Flags

Audrey Hepburn by John Engstead

Oscar de la Renta for Balmain, 1994.

Oscar de la Renta for Balmain, 1994.

Fernand Fonssagrives, Sand Fence, c.1935

Fernand Fonssagrives, Sand Fence, 1935

A Midweek Meditation on Zadie Smith’s Literary Brilliance, Michelle Obama’s Grace and Common’s Never-ending Creativity

This week, I’m leaning into love. Love for literature and one of its most brilliant minds. Love for our First Lady who feels like family instead of political royalty. Love for Common, a man whose trademark creative impulse shines on an unofficial remix of “Cranes in the Sky.”

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