Nora Kogan Jewelry’s Man Ray Lips

Ah – Man Ray’s exquisite Lips in the Sky… This tribute to the delicate mouth of the artist’s muse Lee Miller is undeniably one of my favorite pieces of surrealism, but also and most importantly a very iconic piece of “love” art – quite timely with Valentine’s Day coming up.

Man Ray Lips

A l’heure de l’observatoire – Les Amoureux by Man Ray.

Brooklyn-based jewelry shop Nora Kogan Jewelry has pulled inspiration from the famous painting and is offering a few statement pieces you’ll definitely want to wear on February 14 – and that you can totally pull off year round! Peek at our favorites:

St. Kilda Jewelry Lips Lips Lips Gold Brass Cuff

Triple Lips cuff in golden brass, $462

Man Ray Lips Cuff in sterling silver with enamel, $772

Man Ray Lips cuff links in sterling silver with red enamel, $437

Man Ray – The Kiss, 1930.

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