Menswear: Ami by Alexandre Mattiussi

There are many reasons why I’ve recently fallen in love with Alexandre Mattiussi. With a blood line from Givenchy and Dior, he remains effortless. Uncomplicated. Modern. Masculine. Charming. Who doesn’t want to date a man who can teleport you to the streets of Paris just by the touch of his clothes?

When I first saw the Ami collection at Barneys I have to be honest, I didn’t know the designer, but was instantly captivated and melting into a puddle after touching his navy wool suit… the fabric was so soft and tailored to a solid crispness. Who is this designer??? where is the man who wears this???

I imagined a hipster who finally grew up, made a bunch of money and didn’t want to spend it on designer clothing per se but is particular enough to want quality and fit and independence from the subscribed fashion point of view… while remaining of course… effortlessly cool. Mattiussi’s collection is a return to poetry – bringing natural panache into his clothing straight from his heart buried deep in the streets of Paris.


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