The Travel Itch: Photography By Davis Ayer

Ahhh, the travel itch. It comes to me, twice a year at least, always when I least expect it. For days, I’ll keep a KAYAK tab open on my browser. I’ll spend restless hours almost booking one-way flights. The desire to wander is such a powerful, carnal emotion, perhaps that’s why this series by Davis Ayer – vintage photographic landscapes projected on naked female bodies – reminds me of it. Have a look:

if you really want to go, why don’t you?

A Midweek Meditation on Zadie Smith’s Literary Brilliance, Michelle Obama’s Grace and Common’s Never-ending Creativity

This week, I’m leaning into love. Love for literature and one of its most brilliant minds. Love for our First Lady who feels like family instead of political royalty. Love for Common, a man whose trademark creative impulse shines on an unofficial remix of “Cranes in the Sky.”

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