A Vietnamese Thanksgiving

A while back I posted about my friend, chef Thang Le and his beautiful foodie journeys through Vietnam. Well, we have since reconnected on Facebook, and we came up with the fantastic idea of having our families reunite for Thanksgiving this year. We both made some calls, and it all fell into place. The Le kids, their parents, their significant others, and their kids packed up their cars and traveled from D.C. to Pittsburgh. We shared what we called “Our Vietnamese Thanksgiving”… and it couldn’t have been more of a trip down memory lane. Below I shot a few food pics to wet your palette Vietnamese style. Have a look:

ABOVE: This was the most interesting dish of the weekend, created by Thang after a few drinks the night after our traditional Thanksgiving dinner. He mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey into what looked like a potato pancake, which he grilled. He then topped it with all of the otherleftovers, including home made coleslaw, carrots and cranberry sauce. To top it off, he added a fried egg and a hint of nutmeg. The result? An incredible mish-mash of everything Thanksgiving, with a twist.

BELOW: Thai basil for the homemade Pho.

ABOVE: Everyone sitting down for some afternoon Pho.

BELOW: Mrs. Le preparing the hot and sour soup for dinner.

ABOVE: The most amazing egg rolls you will ever encounter. These are a walk down memory lane, I ate them on the regular at the Le’s house as a kid.

BELOW: The set-up at the table for our Vietnamese Thanksgiving dinner.

ABOVE: Shrimp and pork belly, which was to die for. If you’re unfamiliar with pork belly, it’s as it sounds, and can be really fatty almost like bacon, but is worth the splurge.

BELOW: Curry chicken.

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