Epic Journey: Mongol Rally

Wow! This looks like such a life-changing adventure – a 10,000 trek from England to Mongolia! Not always the easiest ride: cars tend to break down frequently in the desert and the food supply can get low. But it’s all for a good cause, as the Adventurist team says “One of our main principles is to not blur the line between giving money to charity and having a bloody good adventure.” What a motto right? The race has raised about $4 million since 2004 for various charities, including one’s that the teams support along the way. The main stipulation of the race is that the cars CANNOT be race cars! Modes of transport have ranged from ice cream trucks to firetrucks, Honda C90 scooters to Daihatsu Hijet vans. Have a look at the fantastic photo board of this year’s race and then the video following. They make you want to be a part of the 2012 Mongol Rally!

Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Isosceles is a unique, independent label making waves out of London with their debut collection. Deriving their name from geometry, their designs swathe the female body in an architectural rainbow of graphic and figure-flattering neon shapes.

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