Hit or Miss: Single Boyfriend

Love etiquette goes both ways and since I’ve spent so much thought into becoming the best long distance partner ever (read Hit or Miss: Single Girlfriend), I sure do expect my man to do the same. Please join forces and spread the word!

HIT: Get your girl a present or trinket at every stop.

MISS: Waste all your spare change on booze and strippers.

HIT: Stay neutral. Avoid any kind of drama (especially if it concerns her), but still be supportive whatever happens. It’s better not to get involved with super intense emotions when you’re on another continent.

MISS: Make her feel guilty about anything. Guilt trips induce resentment and rebellion i.e. you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

HIT: Take advantage of hotel’s gyms and spas!

MISS: Eat junk on the road and come back in your worst shape ever!

HIT: Call, email or Skype everyday. Keep the contact sweet and tight.

MISS: Lose or break your phone, especially if you’re out of the country and can’t replace it.

HIT: Like all her posts even if you’re on a completely different buzz. You’ll get back to that routine… in the meantime make her feel good about it.

MISS: Post tons of pictures of awesome exotic babes for show. Some memories are best kept in your head.

L’Agent Goodies…