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Babe Talk: Vanessa Perron

When my girlfriend Vanessa Perron told me she was going to shoot with one of my absolute fave photographer, Jamie Nelson, I almost had a heart attack. So much beauty between these two women!!! To say I am obsessed with these bronzed goddess pics is a total understatement. I recently had a chance to sit down with the stunning supermodel, and here’s what she had to say. ENJOY!!!

LF: What did you like best about shooting with Jamie Nelson? Describe your experience.
VP: What I loved about with Jamie was that she knows exactly what she wants in a picture and how to bring it to life. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pictures we did together.

LF: What’s your beauty secret?
VP: Hmmm Origin skincare product and a good, healthy lifestyle.

LF: Fashion shoutouts?
VP: At the moment I love Alexander Wang. My favorite shoes are Has been sandals from Sweden, even though summer is almost over here in New York.

LF: Favorite food?
VP: I’m into Mediterranean cuisine.

LF: How fast do you live?
VP: Way too fast!!! I need to slow down and enjoy a little more…

Check out Jamie’s site for much more goodness.



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